Replock for Ford Transit - [2014>19]

Replock for Ford Transit - [2014>19]

How does it work?

We often find that Ford driver door locks are easily overcome by picking or forcing the cylinder. The L4V Replacement Lock for Ford is a high-security replacement barrel & bezel that has been designed to withstand these types of attack.

Key Features:
- Upgrade for the Ford O.E lock
- Anti-pick, anti-drill, anti-spin
Available for:
- Ford Transit 2000 > 2014
- Ford Transit 2014 >
- Ford Transit 2019>current
- Ford Transit Custom 2012 >
- Ford Connect 14>

- Simple to fit, a like-for-like replacement
- Lock kits are vehicle specific and contain all the required fixings, fittings and instructions to enable a professional installation
- Can be keyed alike to L4V Hook Locks and L4V Slamlocks
- We supply each kit with 3 keys
- Next-day delivery

Drivers door replacement lock


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Replacement Keys    
After continuous use all keys will wear. To ensure the correct operation of your additional Security Locks, the key may need to be replaced. Replacement Keys are available to order on line by following the steps below.
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From £127.00
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Break-ins often occur as a result of the door skin being punctured to gain access to the internal mechanisms that open the door. The L4V shielding kits are door specific providing both internal and external protection against this method of attack.
From £46.00
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