LockBlank for Citroen Berlingo First - [1996>2008]

LockBlank for Citroen Berlingo First - [1996>2008]

The LockBlank was designed and manufactured as a cost effective solution for people wishing to blank off their existing manufacturers locks. Conventionally, these would have to be removed, the holes filled and then the bodywork sprayed.

Manufactured from high grade Stainless Steel and with a aesthetically pleasing black powder coated finish, The LockBlank replaces the need for such work but still upholds the vehicles appearance.

Quick and very easy to install, the product consists of an external [50mm in diameter and 3mm thick] Stainless plate and plastic washer, which has a threaded stud welded to the inside edge. Internally this is secured via two washers and a locking nut.

This product can also be used to cover damage to a door after a successful /attempted break-in or to cover the hole of a previously fitted slamlock.


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Hook Lock    
Improve security by adding an additional locking point to the door, working independently to the vehicles existing locking mechanism. Provides flexibility by allowing the user to decide when the deadlock is locked/unlocked.
From £61.00
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Stainless Steel lock blanking plate.
From £23.00
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Replacement Keys    
After continuous use all keys will wear. To ensure the correct operation of your additional Security Locks, the key may need to be replaced. Replacement Keys are available to order on line by following the steps below.
From £14.00
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Break-ins often occur as a result of the door skin being punctured to gain access to the internal mechanisms that open the door. The L4V shielding kits are door specific providing both internal and external protection against this method of attack.
From £46.00
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Our SlamLock automatically locks when the vehicle door closes and cannot be reopened unless the correct high-security key is used.
From £61.00
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