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Accessories for Accessories  Universal

The L4V Lock Lubricant is formulated exclusively for Locks 4 Vans to suit the cylinders and the environment they operate in and maintain excellent lubrication and anti-wear qualities.

Available in 500ml and 150ml cans.

The L4V Lock Lubricant has been specially formulated for our products to maintain excellent lubrication anti-wear qualities. The addition of PTFE provides good low temperature performance and lasting lubrication.

During adverse weather conditions or high usage, it may be necessary to increase the maintenance frequency. An indication that lubrication is required is when key operation, including insertion into the cylinder, becomes stiffer and more difficult to use than usual.

Lubricant 150ml
Lubricant 500ml


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Replacement Keys    
After continuous use all keys will wear. To ensure the correct operation of your additional Security Locks, the key may need to be replaced. Replacement Keys are available to order on line by following the steps below.
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Break-ins often occur as a result of the door skin being punctured to gain access to the internal mechanisms that open the door. The L4V shielding kits are door specific providing both internal and external protection against this method of attack.
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