Key Options

images of S and T Series Keys

T Series and S Series Key Systems

Two key formats have been developed in conjunction with one of Europe’s largest lock manufacturers to suit application and budget; both key types incorporate high-security and strength. With our many years of experience in developing, manufacturing and installing locking systems to commercial vehicles, Locks 4 Vans designers are the best at understanding the exact requirements of both the end-user and the installer. As standard, L4V kits are supplied in single-vehicle sets, all locks within a set are keyed alike and operate via the same key. We supply 3 keys as standard, with additional keys available.

L4V spare keys are cut using 100% manufacturer original blanks and computer-controlled machines. Each key is marked with the unique key code applicable to your L4V lockset.

T Series Key System

The T Series key is designed to be the ultimate in security and strength, manufactured entirely from nickel silver; the preferred material for high-quality keys as it has higher strength and better wear properties than brass. The solid, large, easily gripped bow is branded with the L4V logo signifying this is an authentic automotive product. Unlike similar products, the solid bow will not twist off in normal use.

T Series Features:

  • keys are manufactured from nickel silver for strength and durability
  • key bow (head) designed specifically for automotive applications, providing extra grip and comfort in use
  • To maintain key security and control, this key can only be supplied by Locks 4 Vans

S Series Key System

The S Series key is designed specifically for applications where budgets are important, yet quality and strength cannot be compromised. The S Series uses a standard ’Yale’ type key. The key section is selected to ensure maximum strength available for a product of this type; manufactured from chrome-plated brass, a traditional and hard-wearing material for keys.

S Series Features:

  • To maintain key security and control, this key can only be supplied by Locks 4 Vans