Replock for Ford Connect - [2014>current]

How does it work?

We often find that Ford driver door locks are easily overcome by picking or forcing the cylinder. The L4V Replacement Lock for Ford is a high-security replacement barrel & bezel that has been designed to withstand these types of attack.

Key Features:
- Upgrade for the Ford O.E lock
- Anti-pick, anti-drill, anti-spin
Available for:
- Ford Transit 2000 > 2014
- Ford Transit 2014 >
- Ford Transit 2019>current
- Ford Transit Custom 2012 >
- Ford Connect 14>

- Simple to fit, a like-for-like replacement
- Lock kits are vehicle specific and contain all the required fixings, fittings and instructions to enable a professional installation
- Can be keyed alike to L4V Hook Locks and L4V Slamlocks
- We supply each kit with 3 keys
- Next-day delivery

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